You belong here.

3264528695_35f0c0e1f4_mWe’re a private, family-friendly club that’s minutes from home, but feels miles away from everyday life.

It’s a place where beautiful tennis courts are nestled among graceful trees and rolling hills.

Relax in a safe, uncrowded atmosphere where your family can enjoy long summer days filled with fun and friendship.

We’ve been welcoming members for over 50 years and we would love to welcome you. Maplewood gives you the benefits of a private club at an affordable price.

Now that you know all the reasons why Maplewood is such a special place to spend your summer we hope you’ll want to be a part of it as well.

Find out why at Maplewood, you don’t just join, you belong.

To call us off season (Labor day through Memorial day), please call: 914-236-0540.


2016 Fee Structure:

Full Family Membership:  $2500 + sales tax ($184.38) =  $2684.38, due upon joining.  We’re open every day (weather permitting) from Saturday May 28th through Labor day weekend.  Many local clubs aren’t even open weekdays during June, and for those clubs who are, their hours can be quite limited.  We think that this is the best deal for your money in lower Westchester!

2 for 1 “Singles” Membership:  $1250 + sales tax $92.18 = $1342.19 (only available to unmarried members who are able to join along with another unmarried member.  Join with a friend!)

Bond:  All new members pay an additional bond in the amount of $1950, payable all at once, or if easier, payable over 2 years.  This is a one-time fee which gives you the privilege of becoming a board member, and allows you to participate actively in the running and management of the club.  We are a cooperative club, shared and run by bond holding members since 1958, which makes us a “community where you belong!”**

Special membership:  $3250+tax ($239.69)= $3489.69.  This is a membership for families who don’t want to bond and are unsure of where they’ll be in a year.  You won’t get the benefit of the lower cost per year of bonded membership, nor will you be able to participate in cooperative club decisions, but you don’t have to pay the bond up front.  Fewer than 5% of new members choose this option.


  • send in your checks with an application (Click here to download a 2016 Application), or pay via paypal at the bottom of this page (2016 application still required)
  • notify us via email if you are joining.
  • don’t forget to write separate checks, one for dues, and the other for the bond (if applicable) to the following address:

Maplewood Swim And Tennis Club
P.O. Box 213
Hartsdale, NY 10530

**Bonds have historically been reimbursed when a member resigns and a new member takes their place.  Membership has been down, and there is now a waiting list for bond reimbursements.  We now allow members to convert to a “special membership” in their last season, and to use their bond toward their dues, similar to using a security deposit toward last month’s rent  Please speak with one of the board members to find out more about this option.

Contact us at for more information.

Membership is limited to 185 families and is subject to acceptance of application and compliance with the Club’s Rules of Operation.

PLEASE MAKE ALL CHECKS PAYABLE TO: Maplewood Swimming Club, Inc.

OR, use PAYPAL by paying directly to the email address of our treasurer Richard Lewis:


Resignations of club members must be received in writing by The Club on or before December 31st in order for the resigning member not to be obligated for his/her annual dues for the upcoming season. Any member resigning after that date will be obligated for his/her dues. For members wishing to apply their bond to their final year’s membership a letter stating such must be received in writing by the Club on or before December 31st. The membership will be converted to a Special Membership, the bond amount will be applied and the member will be responsible for paying difference.