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This summer, find the balance you’ve been searching for.

Fun for them, but relaxing for you.


With two pools, four tennis courts, as well as lots of summer activities, your children will never run out of things to do. And, because our single-entry club is a secure environment, parents can relax and enjoy socializing with friends or just quietly reading a book.

We know that the first step to having a relaxing visit is to have everything you need already waiting for you. We offer chair storage, a clean changing room with showers and lockers, for your supplies, a drink and snack bar, and even a place to keep your eight-foot pool raft!

Lots to do, without the crowds.

As a member-owned private pool club, we believe that part of what gives Maplewood such a relaxing atmosphere is the lack of crowds and chaos that often exist at larger town pools.

Because we will never invite more than 185 families to join the club, parking spaces are always available, finding a shady spot or a sunny place is easy, and our members really get to know one another.

A sense of community, not a community pool.

imga0001_11One of the nicest aspects of our club is the connection that members make with one another.

Families gather together on the lawn, spread out on towels, and cool off with ice cream cones between dunks in the pool.

You can enjoy meals at one of our shaded picnic areas where you can pack a lunch, order in from one of the dozens of local restaurants or purchase kid-friendly food and snacks from our snack bar.

Throughout the summer there are club-wide parties and events designed to bring together all our families as friends.

Private, yet affordable.

3265090890_4982d5d6c5_mToday it’s more important than ever to get good value for your money. If you join the town pool, because it costs less, but don’t enjoy going then it’s hardly a bargain.

Maybe you thought joining a private club was out of reach, but at Maplewood you’ll get all the charm of a private club at a comfortable price.

Our long pool season, with a wide range of activities and family events is not only a great value, but it gives you a place that your entire family will look forward to enjoying, summer after summer.

For over 50 years our member-owned Swim & Tennis Club has provided a relaxing place for families and friends to sun, splash and socialize.

We look forward to welcoming you. In season, please drop by, or email us at any time of the year!

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At Maplewood, you don’t just join, you belong.

To reach the pool office from Labor day through Memorial day, please call 914-713-4466.  To reach us off season, email or call our club president Richard Lewis: 914-236-0540.